Puddles the Clown
Learn to Juggle
I am going to attempt to help you learn to juggle.  I
don't know how difficult it is going to be without
pictures, but I will give it a try.  I am writing this
assuming that you are right-handed, however if you are
left-handed then just switch the words "right" and
"left" around.   You will also need three objects to
juggle, any objects that you can toss from one hand to
the other will work.  Bean bag are a good thing to
start with because they will not roll away.
Step 1.  Start with one ball.  Throw the ball from
one hand to the other hand.  The ball should be at
about forehead level.
Step 2.  This time start with two balls one in each
hand.  First throw the ball in your right hand (ball 1)
at about forehead level to your left hand.  When this
ball (ball 1) reaches the highest point of the throw,
throw the ball in your left hand (ball 2).  Catch ball 1
in your left hand, catch ball 2 in your right hand.  
Stop.   It is important that you throw the second ball
up just as the first ball do NOT pass or hand the ball
in your left hand to your right hand, it might be easier
now but when you move on to three it will be much
Step 3.  This step is the same a step 2 but instead of
starting with your right hand start with your left hand.
Step 4.  Now we start using all three balls.  Start
with two balls in your right hand (balls 1 & 3) and one
ball in your left hand.  Throw the first ball (ball 1) to
your left hand at about forehead level.  When ball one
reaches its highest point of the throw, throw ball 2
just like the first part of step 2  this time when ball 2
reaches its highest point, throw ball 3 and catch ball 1.
Catch ball 2 in your right hand.  When ball 3 reaches
its highest point, throw ball 1.  You should be juggling.  
The pattern should resemble a sideways figure 8.
Common problems:
Moving forward as you juggle -  This is very common.
One solution is to stand in front of a wall that way you
cannot move forward, another solution is to stand next
to a tables or bed this has an extra advantage that you
will not have to bend all the way to the floor to pick
up the balls when you drop them, they will be on the
Not being able to catch ball3, only ball 2 - Focus
on throwing ball 3 and do not worry about ball 2 until
you can successfully throw ball 3.
If there is something that you can't get or is not clear
you can email me at
puddles@puddlestheclown.com and
I will try to help as best as I can.
(316) 265-0611
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