Puddles the Clown
Party Tips
Here are some tips to help make your party a success.
It is better to have your party indoors, Puddles only
needs a small area to set up his for his show. A good
place for Puddles to set up is in front of the television.
You should also move coffee tables or other obstacles
so that the kids can sit on the floor. Food and drinks
should not be served during show since the children's
enthusiasm can cause spills. Outside noises can be a
distraction: TV, music, and conversations should take
place in another room.
If you would prefer that the party be held outdoors,
you should have a blanket or chairs for the kids to sit
on. Keep in mind that grass can easily pop balloons.  If
the party is to be held outdoors be sure to have some
kind of a plan in case of bad weather.
Because it usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes for all
the guests to arrive, it is best to have Puddles arrive at
least 15 minutes after the party is planned to start.
I hope these tips help make your party a success.
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